Green School Programme

The current Green School Flag that we are working towards is Recycling and Waste/Global Citizenship. Please click on the tab Green School 2018 above to see some of the work we have been doing.

Here is our Green School Code for the current theme. The code was designed, filmed and recorded by the Senior Class pupils. Well done to all involved

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Lisnafunchin Lemon Day

We are building a tradition here in Lisnafunchin, where every two years our 5th/6th Class learn about baking recipes with lemon as one of the key ingredients. Well done to everybody who baked. The cakes and buns were delicious.

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Nativity Animation

This Christmas, the Senior Class made a Nativity Claymation. First, they divided into groups and worked on a scene each – painting backdrops, making the clay models, deciding the script for the scene, and filming the scene and speech parts with an iPad.

5th and 6th Class then put the scenes together, and recorded narration and the speaking parts. Finally they chose and added some Christmas music. Well done to all the pupils on a successful project. We hope you enjoy it.

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Pupils’ Projects October 2017

In September and October, pupils in the Senior Class came up with their own ideas for projects. They presented their projects to the school on Thursday and Friday before the mid-term break. Here are some clips of them working on, and playing with the projects. Some were board games (Ben Duggan, Craig Comerford, Killian Lacey, Tommy Mulhall, Michael Lawler, Darragh Horgan, Rory Dunne), a field game (Garry O Dowd, some were projects and models teaching us about topics such as Volcanoes (Ashling Lawless), Milking on farms (Max Carroll), Farming (Camryn Kenyan), Wrestling (Daniel Mooney), Halloween (Eva Lawless), Show-Jumping (Aaron Fox), Bullying (Aine Dunne), a  Chicken feeding device (invention by Sean Dunne), music playing (Aoife Dunne and Kyle Knowles), book writing (Chloe Kennedy, Joe Boland),

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The Senior Class made up their own vwersions of the Witches’ Brew from Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Here is a short video and pics of some of their work of some of their work.

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First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion took place in Conahy Church on Saturday, 24th. It was a beautiful ceremony. Well done to Mrs Histon and the boys.

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Discover Primary Science Programme

Every two years we enter the Discover Primary Science Awards Programme, where we record some of the Science projects we undertake in both classrooms, and apply for an award based on all of our hard work.

You can look at the types of investigations and experiments we carried out in school by clicking the link in the menu above or the links panel on the right hand side of this page. The project is divided into five sections, Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Field Trips.

We will be adding to each section to give more detailed descriptions and illustrations over the next few weeks.

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StarChasers Play by Barnstorm Theatre Group

Mrs Histon’s Junior Class visited Barnstorm Theatre Group’s The Barn Theatre in Kilkenny recently to see a play called Star Chasers. Before the play, Barnstorm visited the school to hold a workshop with the children beforehand.

The pupils had a wonderful time, as can be seen in the photograph!!

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Engineers’ Week

As part of Engineers’ Week we are designing and making structures. We had a competition to see who could build the best solid structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. Well done to Aimee and Molly who won!!

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Book Week

As part of Book Day, the older pupils read some lovely, colourful picture books for the younger ones. Each pupil received a book voucher which they can exchange for a book in local bookshops.

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