DPS – Engineering


1. Building Bridges

Activity: The senior class room made bridges out of paper, to investigate which type of bridge was the strongest, and which bridge could handle the most amount of weight. We used books as pillars for the bridges.

Before we made our bridges we looked at famous bridges from around the world to get a feel of what qualities you need to make a good, strong, stable bridge. We learned about the different types of bridges eg. simple beam bridge, arch bridge, suspension bridge. All in all, it only took us about an hour to fully complete this part of our investigation. Then we experimented to see who could build the strongest bridge in our class.

Class: 3rd – 6th

Date: Started: 15/ March/ 2017

Finished: 15/ March/ 2017

Description: To start this investigation, we got into groups of two. Next we started investigating, which type of bridge was the strongest.

There were some basic rules:

Thirdly, we made three different kinds of tester bridges. They were, a corrugated bridge, a wall bridge and an arch bridge. We compared them using a fair test – the same amount of paper was used, the ‘river’ was the same distance apart, and the same type of weights were placed on the bridges at the same place in the bridge ( the centre).

Then after testing all of the above bridges, we made our own bridges, using books and 5 sheets of paper. We had a competition to see whose was the strongest. The strongest bridge held up 300g!!! 

2. Building construction


Third to sixth class paired up in groups and built frames for ‘buildings’ using 3D shapes such as  cubes and triangles.

Class: 3rd – 6th

7th of March 2017

We got pasta and marshmallows and first made a square, then a triangle. Then we combined them to make 3D shapes e.g. cubes. The cubes weren’t that sturdy so we put supports across the frames. This made triangle shapes on the frames and the overall construction was much stronger.

There was a competition to see who could build the tallest building to withstand an earthquake.. !

So we got a bowl of jelly and put the building on it and shook it – if the building fell it would not withstand an earthquake! Here is the winner and some more pictures.