DPS – Maths


1. Energy Use At Home Survey.

Strand: Environmental Awareness and Care

Class: 3rd – 6th

Activity: In October we were studying all about energy and how to save energy in our everyday lives. We sent out a survey to each family in our class to see did families have insulation in their homes, did they leave lights on in homes when it wasn’t needed, how pupils travelled to school etc.. This was to help our families think about how we could save energy at home.

When we got the survey back, 5th and 6th counted the results and made tables and graphs using Keynote app on the iPad. Here are Grainne and Edward putting the graphs together for display on the noticeboard.


2. Habitat Map

Activity: 5th and 6th class made a Habitat map of our school, Lisnafunchin N.S. We did this, so that we could get a better feel of what our school looks like from the air, and to mark in all the different plants and animals that live in and around the school. Our Habitat map was done using a scale of 1:100 so we used a lot of Maths drawing the map to scale. We put in a lot of detail and it took us about 4 weeks to fully complete it. We are very proud of it and very pleased with how it turned out.

Strand: Environmental Awareness and Care

Date: Start: 07/February/2017. Finished: 03/March/2017

Description: Firstly, we split up into 2 even groups. Then the 1st group measured the perimeter of the school building, while the 2nd group were measuring the perimeter of the whole school grounds and the pitch. Thirdly, we put all of the measurements together and drew the outline of the school and its grounds to the scale of 1:100. Next we painted the map, with lovely bright colours. Following on, we took pictures of the different trees and plants and named them, and also stuck on pictures of creatures that we had spotted at lunch breaks. Finally we drew on the final details with a black marker. This is how they turned out ⬇️.