DPS – Showcase and Field Trips

STEM Showcase and Field Trips

 1. Science Show.

In April the Senior Class set up a Science Show to show the younger ones some experiments that we had completed during the year. it was hands-on and everybody got a chance to try the experiments out.

Science show
The senior class got into groups of threes and we all agreed on a topic that we had done during the year to show the Junior Class. Some groups picked these: Magnets, Electricity, Circuits, gravity drop, hopscotch (coding games) building construction, sound insulation, colour wheel and energy balls.
Once we had our topic we had to get ready, so we made posters about our topic and got all the gear ready.
Once we were ready we called in the junior class and taught all of them about our topic.
The junior class went around to each group to make and learn about the different topics and how they work.

The Junior Class explained and demonstrated how Magnets work to the Senior Class, who were amazed to find out that the strongest magnet in the school could hold 78 paper clips

2. Castlecomer Discovery Park.


3. A Trip to Jenkinstown Woods.

Activity: To identify plants,trees,leaves and mini beasts in Jenkinstown Woods!

Date: 21st of October 2016


The school visited Jenkinstown Woods which is just 2 km from our school to look for and identify  plants and animals.

We divided into groups of 4 or 5, got a sheet with15 types of insects,trees,leaves and insects and then we had to go and find them. To catch the insects we got little plastic tubs and tried to catch them. Don’t worry we let them off afterwards.

We are not cruel!!!!!

We got into groups and one person caught insects, another caught leaves and the other person got a crayon and a few pieces of paper the person who got the crayon had to put the pieces of paper up to the trunk of the tree and coloured the paper in to get the drawing of the bark!

We had a really enjoyable afternoon and we were able to identify lots of trees from their leaves and seeds, and we also found insects like worms, centipedes, woodlice and snails.