DPS – Technology


  1. Hopscotch 

Activity: 3rd to 6th class were doing a coding activity called Hopscotch this year.

Description: This year one of our projects was Hopscotch. Hopscotch is a coding app for the iPad, where it is your job to either follow a video showing you how to make a game or animation. When you get good at coding you can make your own game using code. Hopscotch teaches us how to code using your own imagination but still learn a lot on how to code. It is a bit like Scratch but we can all use it on our school iPads.

  Date: All year round.


2. 30hands projects 


To find out about a topic of our choice eg. countries, history, technology, science or maths and to make short videos about our topic.

Date: October/November 2016

Class: 3rd to 6th

Description: Every child in Mr Doyle’s classroom, which is from third to sixth class, made a project based on their interests. 30hands is very like a PowerPoint or PhotoStory on iPads. If you do not know what a PowerPoint or PhotoStory is, is it is getting pictures and information and putting them in a slideshow.

In the picture on the left Seán Dunne is researching a report about plants on one iPad looking up information, on the other he is working on the report in 30 hands. You can see two finished projects at the bottom. of the page

In the picture to the right Amy Lawless is doing a report on Pompeii-  like Seán she is on one iPad is looking up information and on the other is working on the report.


3. School Blog.

Pupils have worked on the pages on this Science blog, writing reports, taking videos and photos on their iPads and uploading them to the blog.