999 things to write about


The match I lost was against Castlecomer in a Kevin Bergin memorial tournament in the Polo grounds.

Pádraig Delany threw in the ball and the game underway. We got The first point of the game wich Robert Ring scored brilliantly.

‘Comer replied with a good goal and from that point on the game got interesting. Then from a Louis Todd puck out I scored a goal and we were appointed head shortly after the goal Ellen and Billy combines to make a superb point.

Comer scored some points before half time to make it level. We came out knowing that we could win so we had to win the first ball wich we did.

Despite our backs best effort comer scored a goal then Jack Joyce got the ball and scored a goal. Shortly after comer scored another goal.

Then we got a free 35 yards out and I was asked to take it. My first block on the line by the whole comer team.

It went out for a 65 and I had to take it again and this time it went over and we lost by one point.

5 Great things about me by Jack Joyce

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m the greatest person I know. Which is why I decided to write down the five greatest things about me. Before my head gets to big let’s start this list!

1.Let’s get the obvious one out of the way I’m really awesome. And being awesome is pretty great.
2.Number two is that I’m pretty great at everything. I am great at English (sort of) , maths (kind of ) , history (maybe) and Irish (ok maybe not).
3.If anybody reading this goes and talks to my parents or any of my relatives they will tell you how responsible I am .I am the most responsible person ever.
4.I think I’m so awesome I think it needs to be on this list twice, face it I am pretty awesome.
5.I know some of you may not believe that I’m actually awesome but I’m telling you I am really awesome. Even ask my baby sister Emily, look I will go ask her now.

Jack: Emily, tell everyone how awesome I am.

Emily: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Translation) Jack is so awesome!!

Okay maybe all of that wasn’t true except for 1 and 4. Please believe me, I really am awesome!


The Magic Carpet

One Sunday me and my family went to the car boot sale. I saw a lovely golden lamp. I asked the lady how much it was.
The lady said it was €10, but it was the last thing for her to sell so she gave it to me for €5. I was so happy that I got it but it was all dusty. When I got home I dusted the lamp but when I dusted it a big puff of smoke appeared. A big, green person appeared. It was a Genie. He said that I had three wishes. Here are the things that I wished for.

I wished for a magic carpet.
I wish that we could have a very long adventure. But I could not make my mind up on what is my third wish could be. One minute later the magic carpet fell from the sky. The next day was spring-cleaning day. I always tidy my mammy’s room. She always tidies my room but when we finished I went into my room and my carpet was gone. I went downstairs and asked my Mam where was my carpet. She said that I threw it out and then I went upstairs and I said that’s the end of my adventure.image

by Áine Dunne.  3rd class


My friends.

I’m going to tell you about my friends.My first friend is Jack. He is the worst player at soccer because every time he is in goal he lets in every shot. He is also the worst cousin because he never lets me play his iPod. My next friend is Toby. He is a leprechaun and also very smart. I think he gets his knowledge from the rainbow. He also gets his red hair from the rainbow! My next friend is Abby. She is too giddy and laughs too much. She gives me headaches all the time!
Next is Holly. She is too tall. Every time I try to punch to her I miss and her glasses are ridiculous. Next is Caoimhe. Her shoes are so ridiculous and she has so many cousins and they are so annoying. Next is Conor. His laugh is so loud it is like A machine gun, it keeps killing me and hurting me. Well that’s all my friends and what I said is all false. Not one bit is true and I hope no one got hurt by what is said. They are the best friends ever and I would not have any other friends like them.

by Billy Mulhall. 6th class


Google it
I don’t actually know what any of these words mean but I have a bit of an idea. But if you really want to know what they mean Google it!

1.Abugawotchii- I think this is Dutch for white bread, brown bread, whole-grain bread, rice, pasta or elephant. I really don’t know but if you want to know google it!

2. Sickleaboohatoo- I think this is Spanish for rat, cat, flat, hat, sat, splat or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious once again I don’t have a clue what it means but if you want to know, google it!

3. Flatahapug- I think this is German for a flat that has a dog thats pug is named aha. I think that’s it but if you want to know google it!

I don’t know whether I have nailed it or totally ruined the language system, but personally I think I’ve nailed this!

by Caoimhe Brennan. 6th Class